Graffiti Prayer Board

12th May 2017

Prayer Board

The most recent addition to the church is the “Graffiti” Prayer Board created by the youth confirmation candidates. This is an outreach project aimed to introduce the wider community to Jesus. Along with this, they are getting involved with #PledgeToPray (more information can be found at


The prayer board is for everyone, Christian and non-Christian alike, to have the opportunity anonymously and without judgement to be prayed for. We believe that prayer is a vital part of our relationship with Christ, and feel this is the way our faith can play in a modern society.


If you are unable to come into the church then please feel free to send your prayer requests via the Church email address

Please feel free to come into the Church lobby where you can have a look at the board and leave your requests or just look at the things that others are thinking and praying about.


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