Corfe Coffee

Corfe Coffee opened in April 2011 under the management of the Willmore Trust, as part of our vision for taking church to the community.

As well a providing a warm, welcoming and friendly social space where you can get a great coffee and a tasty cake, Corfe Coffee is contributing to the heart of the community by:

  1. Providing sheltered work-experience, training and supported volunteering opportunities for local residents
  2. Enabling local groups to meet and build relationships
  3. Providing a location for local youth and community activities
  4. Being a focal point for otherwise isolated people, with staff actively involved in being a listening ear

Future plans include community meals, discounts for those in need and a hub for local residents in need of support of many kinds



Our manager, Nick Edge leads the team of staff and volunteers and keeps things in order. Nick graduated from Oasis College in London and originates from Surrey.

The staff team at Corfe Coffee consists of paid staff and volunteers, with some people providing crucial washing up support while others specialise in the drinks or food menu.  Local young people contribute time after school and at weekends, while members of the community who need additional support come in during the day to help with simple tasks and develop their skills at work. Corfe Coffee is able to take on Duke of Edinburgh volunteers and regularly provides work experience placements for Corfe Hills school.  If you would like to volunteer, please see Nick at the shop - and have a coffee while you are there!